What is Spyware and How Do You Get It?

Fort Worth Computer Repair - Spyware RemovalSpyware is a form of software that is downloaded installed (typically along-side a legitimate program) on your machine which infects your computer and tracks your usage. Spyware can come from several different places including tool-bars, email attachments, program download from untrusted sites, pop-ups and other places around the internet. In a nutshell, spyware does the following:


  1. Tracks your website usage
  2. Collects personal data such as credit card usage and contact information
  3. Infects your computer with spyware and other viruses
  4. Can modify registry settings and take control of your computer
  5. It can cause your Internet browser to fail and redirect to an unknown site

Never enter your credit card information into any program that claims to remove spyware. Typically, these ?fake antivirus/spyware programs? are part of the spyware themselves, and seek to steal your credit card info or identity. Give us a call if you suspect a spyware infection on your machine.

The best way to avoid getting spyware or any other viruses for that matter is to install a reliable protection package. In addition, make sure you read what you are clicking on or installing. Many time users tend to skip over this important step and end up with spyware and other viruses as a result. We recommend a combination of Malwarebytes Pro and GFI Vipre Internet Security.

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