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Fort Worth Computer Repair - Internet Connection ProblemsInternet is a critical component to your daily computer needs. As we all know, it allows you to browse the web, check your email, and accomplish the less important things?like updating your facebook status. When internet fails we often discover it has to do with out-of-range Wi-Fi networks, which are fairly common reasons?or the more drastic: a problem with your computer. Now, why do these problems happen? Are computers really that doomed to fail? With the endless possibilities of computer failure we face every day?but manage to get out of, there?s no wonder why so many are picking up the fields of telecommunications and technical support.

A word to the wise: You can be an ordinary individual and still fix your computer with your own hands. All that?s needed is a little dedication, a little research, and a little (or a lot of) time. Your Wi-Fi network that you access is made possible not only by your unique IP address, but your connection to the router. Every access point comes equipped with optional security, known as a WEP key. You have the option of setting this up so that only you?and those who have the key, have access to your internet service. This is a wise idea, of course?so that your neighbor doesn?t take advantage of your internet.

Common connectivity problems can be solved by a simple diagnostic tool provided by your computer system, or other minimal checks such as the routers status, your possible internet restrictions, or simply?mistakenly pressing the Wi-Fi button on your computer. Sometimes, the Wi-Fi won?t load for some reason and in these cases?doing a simple restart of your computer will do the trick. If you still find that you are unable to connect, try disconnecting from the network for about 5 minutes before connecting again.

To find out whether this is an issue only you are experiencing (and thus ruling out the possibility of computer instability), try connecting to the internet using someone else?s computer. If you are able to connect with theirs without any problem, then your computer is the problem. If this is the case, contact your local technician and get it checked out.

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