Toshiba Hard Drives have a High Failure Rate

fort-worth-computer-repair-toshiba-laptop-hard-driveOver the past several months, we have seen an alarming amount of Toshiba brand hard drive failures. Fortunately, we have been able to save 100% of client data from these drives. The bad news is that you are still at risk of loss of data, and it can be very expensive to recover. The most expensive data recovery that we had performed was $900 for a drive with damaged read/write heads. With this in mind, it is highly imperative that you setup a backup routine on a daily basis. If you currently do not have a solution, please call one of our experienced technicians for a custom consultation and solution that best fits your needs. We recommend Mozy for all backups. Due our experiences with the high failure rate in Toshiba Hard Drives, we recommend that you replace them immediately and contact us for any of your data transfer or hard drive installation needs. We recommend replacing your drive with either a Seagate or Western Digital drive. Use this as an opportunity to setup a reliable backup solution and to upgrade your existing drive to a faster speed, i.e.: 5400rpm -> 7200rpm. Give us a call today for more information on Toshiba hard drive failures.

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