Recover Failed Western Digital My Passport

DFW Nerd Herd - Recover Failed Western Digital My Passport External Hard Drive

Western Digital produces many excellent hard drive products and which have a much lower failure rate than many other hard drive companies including Seagate, Toshiba and HGST; however, they are not immune to failure.

The Western Digital My Passport is one of the most common external hard drives sold and used here in the United States; therefore, we receive many failed Western Digital My Passport drives.

With that in mind, they are among the most reliable drives available per the latest study (2017) by BackBlaze Cloud Backup – See Article.??In fact, we will typically transfer your recovered data to a new Western Digital External Drive for this very reason depending on current reliability trends.

There are several issues that can arise with a failure on one of these drives. The most common issues we see with failed or failing Western Digital My Passport external drives are the following:

  • Damaged or Failed PCB
  • Damaged USB Connector Interface
  • Crashed Heads
  • Clicking or Beeping
  • Inability to Mount The Drive
  • Platter Damage / Head Crash
  • OS Corruption issues
  • Physical Damage

These drives have some excellent encryption features included standard with the drives; however, this makes their recovery more difficult and more expensive. In addition to the hardware based encryption found on Western Digital My Passport drives, there is the USB interface that is soldered to the PCB and replaces the more reliable and less-easily damaged SATA connector. This also can increase recovery price.

The good news is that DFW Nerd Herd is equipped to handle hard drive failures on the Western Digital My Passport and is a recovery we perform regularly.

We have a very high data recovery success rate (over 95%) on Western Digital My Passport Drives and?find on average?that our recovery fees average$599.97-$899.97?with ?these drives depending on overall capacity and type of damage.

You will often save $500-$1000 by using our data recovery services over other well known and reputable data recovery labs. We find their rates are typically $1500-$2500 and offer no benefit over using our data recovery services.

If you have a Western Digital My Passport or similar external drive that is beginning to show signs of failure or has failed, please reach out to us and we can provide you with our expert recovery service and an upfront quote so that you’re not stuck paying a $2500 bill with another data recovery company.

We encourage shopping around and while we are very competitive on pricing, remember not all recovery companies are reputable or have the success rate that we have here at DFW Nerd Herd.

We have come up with a balance of expert recovery skills, excellent reputation, staying power of a business going strong since 2009 and priced?competitively for our clients.

Give us a call today if you have questions about a recovery.
Call us at 817.781.6940

or feel free to bring your failed / failing Western Digital My Passport by our drop off location in South Fort Worth.

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