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We all know how frustrating a slow computer can be. Just like you, a computer needs regular?maintenance to keep its ?health? in check. A slow computer can be caused for many reasons. Too many?programs, spyware, not enough memory, and a fragmented disk are among many of the ?drag-downs? PC?s face. The good news is that you do not need to reinstall your operating system. (Unless you?re under severe viral attacks.) Now, we all know that the internet is home to many promising ?PC health check-ups?. Before you go and download one of those programs, try and see if you can manually address the issues.

First off, make sure you have good anti-virus software installed.?You don?t want to be running a mediocre program that has the ability to bypass malware. Many anti-virus software like Vipre Antivirus, have optional cleanup programs. What these programs do vary accordingly with the type of anti-virus software you use. Usually, these programs will scan your computer for unnecessary files, clogged up recycle bins, and clear your browsing history. All these are minimal things promised to speed up your computer?perhaps only by a little bit, once removed.

Yes, you can do these things manually too?but come to think of it, I?m sure you don?t want to sit at your computer for 30 minutes and remove unnecessary files. Pre-installed hardware clean-up programs will do all that?and?more for you, in just the click of a button. Additionally, you have the option of using a disk-defragmenter, which come installed in Windows Operating Systems by default. You should ideally use this program only once every couple months.

There are several programs that give you the option to run at start-up.?This is a known-cause of slow startups.?Your solution, obviously, is to limit the amount of programs you run at start-up. A safer bet is to only run those that you know you will need. Just leave the rest at your discretion and only use them when you have to. If you have heard of registry cleaning?it?s?not?recommended. Usually this is just a method?that is?over-exaggerated so you can optimize your PC?s performance. However, this process is severely?limited at what it can and will do.

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