Computer Viruses, a significant threat.

One of the most significant threats to your computer?s security is a virus that infects your computer discreetly. Many viruses are designed to run in the background while disabling your antivirus and damaging registry files and other pertinent system files. I am a strong advocate of Malwarebytes, as it is a powerful free tool for removing viruses and malware; however, some viruses require a professional.

Years ago viruses were written by hackers an; however, now most viruses are written by criminals with the intent to defraud you and steal your identity.

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Viruses: Risks of Infection

  1. Using your computer as a spam machine?that sends ads, viruses and or both to others. This gives revenue to the creators of the viruses. In addition, it also potentially exposes you to any liability, such as termination of Internet service or fines.
  2. Showing pop-up ads?and corrupting your Internet browser searches. These ads are shown, and each view or click results in additional revenue for the virus creators.
  3. Stealing your personal information?by logging keystrokes, stealing passwords, documents, access to bank web sites, files from TurboTax or QuickBooks. This information is used to drain bank accounts, open new credit lines and even steal identities.

Viruses are designed to spread and infect other systems and your email contacts are at risk, as are hard drives, flash drives, network shared drives and other computers that share the same network. Viruses may also try to spread over your Internet connection potentially creating additional liabilities.

If you find yourself infected, your first step is to clean your system completely. If you can?t do so on your own, you should always call a professional. DFW Nerd Herd offers expert anti-virus and anti-spyware services through powerful proprietary system cleaning techniques that offer our customers an unparalleled level of security.

The second step is to attempt to assess the level of damage and change all passwords immediately. We then recommend checking your credit and examining bank accounts, credit cards and other lines of credit for suspicious activity.
The third step is to ensure that you are not infected by more than one virus. Do not share flash drives between friends or family if you suspect you have been infected.

It is recommended to install a firewall on your network and on your local machines to help prevent future attacks. In addition, it is also highly recommended to install the latest system updates.

Scan for viruses frequently and keep your data backed up and protected on a regular basis. P2P and torrent sites are a haven for viruses and it is always recommended to avoid them whenever possible, and buy only licensed software.

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