Antivirus Protection


We are so confident in our virus removals and the combination of MalwareBytes + Microsoft Security Essentials or GFI Vipre Internet Security that we can offer this protection plan. Just keep in mind that no AV products are 100% guaranteed to protect against all viruses, so why not buy a plan that allows you to surf the web freely and gives you ?insurance? for your computer. Of course, we always ask that you back up your data on a daily/weekly basis! Viruses on occasion can destroy a computer and this AV Protection Plan does not include data recovery, hardware repairs, power failures?Only Virus Removals

Program FAQ

  • The plan covers the lifetime of the one computer, you will need to purchase again to put on a new computer
  • If a virus destroys your computer?s operating system, this package covers the cost of us reinstalling your operating system and drivers. It does not include the cost of the data backup and transfer, or setup of any new programs or settings you had on your computer.
  • It also does not cover any hardware replacement if a virus damaged the computer at the hardware level. This is very rare, but could happen.
  • On occasion, viruses hit the masses at once. Since you are DFW Nerd Herd clients, in case of an outbreak, we will always repair your computer first over a new client?s.
  • We will always alert you of ?killer viruses?, the ones that are destructive.
  • If we cannot remove your viruses remotely, we will ask that you schedule an appointment with us for a pickup. The virus removal is covered by this plan.


  • DFW Nerd Herd? holds the right to terminate your plan due to neglect of our instructions, training or emails in regards to virus notifications and product updates.
  • DFW Nerd Herd? holds the right to terminate your plan due to repeatedly visiting known virus-infected or malicious websites or for excessive virus removals.
To get us going on removing that virus, or to purchase our protection plan, please click here.

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