Add life to your Laptop

When was the last time that you thought “What am I doing to ensure my laptop will last for years to come?” Probably never, right? In this post, we will go over numerous methods for ensure you get the most life out of your laptop. Obviously, it is best to start using these practices as soon as you purchase your new computer; however, it is never too late to start.

1. Turn it off!? Do not constantly leave your laptop on or resort to sleep or hibernate modes. ?If you are not going to be using your laptop for the next hour or so, turn it off. ?Not only will this increase the lifespan of your laptop, it will also conserve power and make your battery last longer.

2.?Keep it clean!? You would be surprised how a little dust can cause your laptop to overheat and under perform. I receive laptops on a daily basis that haven’t been dusted in probably over a year. Get yourself a can of compressed air and keep the fans and vents dusted. Also, wipe it down with a damp cloth when it gets dirty.

3. Cool it!? The majority of laptop failures are due to overheating. You can prevent this by keeping your laptop on a hard, level surface, as well as purchasing a laptop cooling pan with or without fans.

4.?Stop! Don’t move!??Laptops are indeed portable, but they are not designed to be moved constantly while running. If you must walk around with your laptop, consider installing a Solid State Drive, as it does not have mechanical components. Movement can cause premature drive failure.

5.?Static Electricity.?Always ground yourself before picking up your laptop or any other electronic device. Even the slightest static shock can cause device failure. Walking around on carpet can cause static build up. The best and easiest way to discharge yourself is by touching a non-sensitive metal object.

6.?Sure Protectors = Good!?Always plug your laptop and any other electronic device for that matter into a surge protector. The AC Adapter will not protect your computer from surges.

7. UPDATES! Not just windows.? Always make sure to run your windows updates so that you have the latest security patches and optimizations. Keep your antivirus updated to the latest definitions. This will ensure you don’t catch any bugs. Don’t forget to check your manufacturer’s driver page on their website for driver updates for your machine. Often Bios updates, and other hardware updates can improve performance of your laptop.

8. ?Tienes un problema?? No we do not speak Spanish; however, we speak computer. Sometimes you may face issues that require a professional. A good example of this is a failing hard drive or a virus infected computer. Give us a call asap so we can help. Remember, like car problems, the longer you wait the worse it gets.

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