What We Do

Simply put: We recover data and we are GREAT at it.

DFW Nerd Herd Data Recovery specializes in… you guessed it – Data Recovery!

We have over a decade of experience in recovering everything from precious baby pictures from a Super Bowl champions MacBook, countless memories from trips, graduations and weddings, to recovering files for the head of Radio Shack and even recovering multiple dissertations for several doctoral students.

There are two options for data recovery, and most recoveries take 2-3 weeks.

1.?Bring the computer to us for an evaluation. No appointment is necessary and we are located in inside the UPS store at 6080 S. Hulen St. Ste. 360, Fort Worth, TX 76132.

2.?Mail us your failed hard drive or computer (extra charge) Please ensure that you have sufficient padding and packing materials protecting your laptop for damage. Additionally, we recommend purchasing insurance, as we do not warrant any damage occurring during shipment from you to us.

Shipping Address:
DFW Nerd Herd
6080 S. Hulen St. Ste. 360-183
Fort Worth, Texas 76132

If you have any questions, you may always contact as through our contact form, by email (once dropping off a device) or by phone at 817.781.6940.

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