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Krisi K.

These guys rock! I originally went to a local computer repair store on West 7th street to have my computer looked at since I was unable to login. The unnamed store told me that my data was gone and there was no chance of recovery. I decided to seek a 3rd party opinion and had DFW Nerd Herd take a look at it. They did a diagnostic and determined that the hard drive was damaged but they would be able to recover my data. Apparently, the drives read head was damaged and they had it repaired for me. They recovered 100% of my data and saved my college career. I had countless documents that I had written for my Doctorate program. Don’t waste your time with anyone else, I’d choose nerd herd any time I have a computer problem. They’ve earned my business for life. – Krisi S.

Melia B.Zack Stark was a huge help when my hard drive crashed and I thought I lost all of my invaluable data. Unfortunately he was not able to recover it himself, but quickly suggested an operation that could- much better than tinkering with the drive and possibly further damaging it! He was completely honest, professional, communicative and helpful. He is a very nice fellow and I would recommend his services to anyone in the DFW area who has computer woes. If he can’t fix them, he will refer you to other experts. – Melia B.



Nerd Herd is awesome. We have a large house and have had problems with dropped wi-fi signal. The extenders we have tried in the past just don’t cut it. We had DFW Nerd Herd come out and hard wire cat5 in our bedrooms, office and media room, so that we can always have a fast and reliable connection. No more buffering on Netflix! DFW Nerd Herd was very professional and affordable. Thanks! – Michele S.



Ken P.Zack Stark with DFW Nerd Herd hooked up my DVD player to my new flat screen TV. He was very knowledgeable and patient considering I had hooked everything up wrong before he arrived. He also came out and looked at my router so that my wireless signal could be improved. He went out of his way to ensure that everything was setup properly and gave his professional recommendation for the best setup. I would highly recommend Zack. – Kenneth P.



Stephanie M.

Where do I start? I first took my laptop to geek squad, and they wanted to charge me $400 to fix my laptop’s cracked screen. That was nearly 2/3 of what I paid for my Dell laptop. I kept searching the internet and found DFW Nerd Herd computer repair in Fort Worth. I was quoted about $200 which included the screen. That was nearly half the price that the geeks were charging. I was a bit skeptical due to the super good deal; however, when I received my laptop later that week I was astonished. My laptop looked like new, the screen was replaced, they cleaned my keyboard and the housing to a sparkle, and they even cleaned out all of the dust in the fan. My Dell is like new and I wouldn’t use anyone but these guys. Simply put, these guys are the best you can find. Highly recommended. Thanks Nerd Herd! –Stephanie M.

Melanie R.I highly recommend DFW Nerd Herd to everyone – not only did they show up in a timely manner they were very experienced & extremely reasonable. Thank you Zack for taking away all the frustration and allowing me to continue provider service to my clients without skipping a beat. You are the best!!! – Melanie R.




Suyen O.

My mother’s computer was always getting viruses from ads and online sites, and each time we tried to get rid of them, they’d come back with vengeance. About a month ago, the computer went haywire. I couldn’t do anything except log in. I tried all the little shortcuts and tips that I’d learned from my friends but nothing helped. I called DFW Nerd Herd since a friend of mine recommended them. The technician came over to my mother’s house that same day, within half an hour of me calling them. Not only did they come straight away but the computer was fixed same day. Unlike other places where you have to disconnect your entire system and carry the heavy thing to their locations, DFW Nerd Herd comes straight to your home. I never use anyone else now because whatever my technical problem is they always come through for me. They’re the absolute best when it comes to service, quality, and reliability. – Suyen O.


Rubi O.

DFW Nerd Herd is great. The first guy that tried to fix my laptop did a horrible job so I called Zack. He fixed my laptop that same day and even gave me tips on how to keep my laptop running smoothly. His services are professional, quick, and I highly recommend that you call him if you ever have any issues with your computer. Thanks to Zack, I can now take my laptop with me abroad and not stress out about being without the laptop that I use for communication and entertainment. –Rubi O.



Francisco C.

I’m the type of person who likes to “fix it himself”, so when my pc started having performance issues I tried everything I could to troubleshoot. After exhausting every option I could think of and spending hours searching through forums trying to find a fix, I decided to give DFW Nerd Herd a call based on a friend’s recommendation. Service was quick and hassle free. DFW Nerd Herd showed up on time at my home, clearly explained what they thought the issue was and the steps they would take to resolve it, and the best part is I didn’t have to go one day without my pc as they were able to fix it in a single appointment. Highly recommend for any of your computer/ home theater needs. Did great work on my own pc and will have them set up my own home theater soon. – Francisco C.


Cathleen R.

After using DFW Nerd Herd, I will NEVER go to anyone else for my computer, internet, technology, audio, or surround system needs. Zack is amazingly easy to work with and gave me a multiple of options for what I wanted to do – – – AND, he did not recommend the most expensive, but the one that would best fit my needs! So awesome and professional. I am strongly recommending him to everyone I know! Use this company and I promise you will not be disappointed with the service or fee! Whew – so excited to have all of my house technology/internet in order!!! – Cathleen R.



Yvette V.

Got my laptop fixed, it would not charge, and the customer service was great. They picked up the laptop and brought it back when it was fixed. It took them no time at all to fix it and it was at an affordable price. Would recommend Nerd Herd to anyone. – Yvette V.




Tina R.

DFW Nerd Herd is the best! They came out and fixed my computer. They did an excellent job. They were fast, affordable, and way cheaper than the Geek Squad and everyone else I called. I would definitely recommend the nerd herd and will definitely use them for any future computer issues. If I could give them 10 stars, I would! Super impressed! – Tina R.



Andy M.

Zack at DFW Nerd Herd recently fixed my computer, it is so refreshing to deal with somebody that knows what they are doing! He is very nice, has fair prices and is highly professional. I would never go anywhere else for problems w my laptop and would refer him to any of my family or friends!! – Andy M.



Joy M.

My external back up quit backing up my files. I Googled Computer Support & Repair in the DFW metroplex & found DFW Nerd Herd. Zack responded to my call immediately. He seems to be very knowledgeable about all things computer. He is patient enough to help someone as technically challenged as I am. My computer is now backed up on Mozy & he suggested that I employ 2 different programs to protect my computer more completely, which I have done. I found Zack to be the easiest, most patient & knowledgeable computer person to work with. I will not only call him anytime I need help or have a question, but I will also refer him to everyone I know. I am so happy to know that Zack is only a phone call or email away. – Joy McGinnis



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  2. Zach did a great job on my MacBook Pro!!! It was so smooth and it?s was fixed in a timely manner!!! Great prices to fix my laptop!!! Recommend them and I will be returning to them we I need it 🙂 thank y?all so much!!!

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