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fort-worth-computer-repair-mozy-data-backup-protectionAt DFW Nerd Herd, from time to time after careful evaluation and research, we partner with some companies to add to our already excellent service offerings. We have partnered with Mozy backup and are offering 2GB of FREE Online Backup & Storage.

Why should you backup your files online?

Most of the 63% of computer users that backup their data use an external hard drive. On-site backups to external drives are a great backup solution but do not take care of your precious data in every event. What if someone broke into your house and stole your computer and hard-drive, or if there was a fire, flood or tornado? Your data would be lost. An excellent solution to this is online backup and at this time we have partnered with Mozy for this excellent service. Essentially, you download a small tool that uploads your selected files to their network and everything is stored safely and securely in the cloud. Through our partnership with Mozy, we are able to offer 2GB of FREE storage. If you are in need of additional storage space, they offer excellent yearly packages for under $60 per year. The best part about Mozy, is that once you set it, you can forget it until you need it. Everything backups in the background while you are using your computer or at a scheduled time.

How do you get started you ask?

Click this link: http://mozy.com/?ref=3f9a896b&kbid=191009&m=8

Go to the bottom of the pages and click ?2gig backup free?

Register an account and complete the survey. You will then receive an email with instructions on how to install the Mozy software. Once it has been installed, you are able to easily select the files that you would like to backup.

Many of our customers are already using Mozy as their cloud backup solution. Give it a try for FREE.

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