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Zack Stark was a huge help when my hard drive crashed and I thought I lost all of my invaluable data. Unfortunately he was not able to recover it himself, but quickly suggested an operation that could- much better than tinkering with the drive and possibly further damaging it! He was completely honest, professional, communicative and helpful. He is a very nice fellow and I would recommend his services to anyone in the DFW area who has computer woes. If he can?t fix them, he will refer you to other experts. ? Melia B.

DFW Nerd Herd Fort Worth Computer Repair Client Melia B

Melia B.

My mother?s computer was always getting viruses from ads and online sites, and each time we tried to get rid of them, they?d come back with vengeance. About a month ago, the computer went haywire. I couldn?t do anything except log in. I tried all the little shortcuts and tips that I?d learned from my friends but nothing helped. I called DFW Nerd Herd since a friend of mine recommended them. The technician came over to my mother?s house that same day, within half an hour of me calling them. Not only did they come straight away but the computer was fixed same day. They?re the absolute best when it comes to service, quality, and reliability. ? Suyen O.

DFW Nerd Herd Fort Worth Computer Repair Client Suyen O

Suyen O.

I?m the type of person who likes to ?fix it himself?, so when my pc started having performance issues I tried everything I could to troubleshoot. After exhausting every option I could think of and spending hours searching through forums trying to find a fix, I decided to give DFW Nerd Herd a call based on a friend?s recommendation. Service was quick and hassle free. I highly recommend the nerd herd for any of your computer repair needs. They did great work on my own pc and will have them set up my own home theater soon. ? Francisco C.

DFW Nerd Herd Fort Worth Computer Repair Client Francisco C

Francisco C.