What We Do

Simply put: We fix Computers and we are GREAT at it.

For those who would like to know more:

DFW Nerd Herd specializes in fast, reliable and professional laptop and desktop computer repair services. Whether you have countless pop-ups, a broken dc jack, a cracked LCD or one of many other computer problems, we can fix it for you. Our repair process is designed to minimize down-time, provide a upfront estimate for the repair and have your device repaired and returned to you in a timely manner.

Our service technicians have several years of experience and have repaired thousands of computers. We provide a free diagnostic service to you remotely or provided you drop off your machine.

In some of the cases, we must see the machine before we can give you a complete price of the repair and in this case you can pick one of the following at your convenience:

1. Bring the computer to us for a Free Diagnostic and Estimate. We are located in inside the UPS store at 6080 S. Hulen St. Ste. 360, Fort Worth, TX 76132. We can perform most repairs within 2-3 business days after having received your approval to begin repair work.

2. Mail us your computer (laptops only.) Please ensure that you have sufficient padding and packing materials protecting your laptop for damage. Additionally, we recommend purchasing insurance, as we do not warrant any damage occurring during shipment from you to us.

Shipping Address:
DFW Nerd Herd
6080 S. Hulen St. Ste. 360-183
Fort Worth, Texas 76132

We can perform most software related repairs & virus removal remotely. This saves you time, money and gas. If the repair cannot be made remotely, we can pick the machine up from you either at your place of business, home or our techs are more than willing to meet you at a place of your choice.

Hardware related issues such as LCD replacement, dc jack repair, new hardware installation, etc… require that we physically have the machine in our presence in order to perform necessary repairs.

Give us a call today to speak with one of our highly trained technicians and have your computer repaired by a local expert in Fort Worth. Call us today at 817.781.6940

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